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Branan-Field Chaffee Expressway

First Coast Expressway / BFC / About the Project

First Coast Expressway (Blanding Blvd to I-10)

As early as 1976, a highway corridor connecting Blanding Boulevard (State Road 21) to Interstate 10 (I-10) has been envisioned by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) as well as officials in Clay and Duval counties. By 1981, the FDOT completed a study which determined the location and preliminary design of what was referred to as the Branan Field-Chaffee Road corridor.

Since that time the project has steadily moved toward completing the original goal of providing a connection on the west side of the Jacksonville urban area between Blanding Boulevard and I-10.

The details of this project went through numerous revisions throughout the 1980s with the final recommendation providing a limited access multi-lane highway (like an interstate) with the ultimate construction of interchanges at major crossroads.

During the early 1990's, design and right-of-way acquisition was completed for sections of the new roadway south of 103rd Street all the way to Blanding Boulevard (SR 21). Construction funding was acquired and by 2001 a two-lane highway connecting Blanding Boulevard to 103rd Street was opened to traffic. This utilized the two-lane existing Branan Field Road in Clay County and a new two-lane section up to 103rd Street. It also used the existing two-laned Chaffee Road which provided the connection to I-10.

With the planned closing of the Cecil Field Naval Air Station, the FDOT conducted a re-evaluation study to examine the best way to provide the connection from 103rd Street to I-10. The Department, in coordination with the City of Jacksonville, elected to put the new roadway on the former Naval Air Station property. These studies were completed in 2004, followed by detailed design and right-of-way acquisition. Construction from I-10 to Chaffee Road began in January 16, 2007 and was completed October 1, 2009.

Project information for:
North Segment: From I-10 to north of Argyle Forest Boulevard
South Segment: From north of Argyle Forest Boulevard to Blanding Boulevard