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First Coast Expressway

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About the Project

About this project:

Construction on the northwestern, first segment of the FCE (Blanding Boulevard/SR 21 in Clay County north to I-10/US 90 in Duval County) began in 2013 and should be completed in its entirety in fall 2018. Pictured here in green, this FCE segment is comprised of three projects currently under construction: US 90 (Beaver Street) Extension, I-10 to Argyle Forest, and Argyle Forest to SR 21. The combined construction cost of these three initial FCE projects is approximately $208 million. An in-depth public awareness campaign will start months in advance of the toll system’s activation so commuters will have plenty of advance notice and time to purchase their SunPass transponders.

The central, second segment of the FCE project involves new roadway from Blanding Boulevard/SR 21 in Middleburg running south and then east through Green Cove Springs and includes a new bridge over Black Creek near the Byron Road/Lake Asbury community. The right-of-way acquisition on this second planned FCE segment (SR 21 in Middleburg to south of SR 16 in Green Cove Springs near the St. Johns River) is going well. Construction on this part of the FCE project is expected to begin in January 2019. This segment in Clay County is part of the FDOT’s 5-Year Plan with combined funding of approximately $507 million. This segment is shown in yellow on the map.

The southeastern, third segment of the FCE (new bridge over the St. Johns River where Shands Bridge currently stands and connection to I-95 in St. Johns County) is expected to begin construction in 2023 at a cost of $763 million (see red shaded area on map). The new bridge over the St. Johns River will increase vertical clearance to 65 feet from the current 45 feet to accommodate additional shipping traffic. To view details related to the exact route of this third segment and others, please refer to the PIM Maps found on the Documents & Publications page of this website.

Sara Pleasants
Senior Public Information Specialist

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